Louboutin and the Nude Heel

If you’re wired into news on the fashion industry, you might have heard that in April 2015, Christian Louboutin was making waves by challenging the industry’s traditional view on the nude heel. Either I’m not wired in (okay, so I’ve been slacking a little bit), or this hasn’t been blowing up on the internet. But it should be.


Louboutin’s new take on the nude heel is revolutionary. When you think nude, you’re probably thinking of light beige, even if that isn’t your nude. The light beige as nude assumption is an example of whiteness being set as the default in fashion. Why that’s bad is a discussion for another day (and probably another blog). However, Louboutin is challenging that.

In April, Louboutin nude heels expanded to include five different shades: “Lea” N°1, “Nats” N°2, “Maya” N°3, “Safki” N°4, and “Ada” N°5. By expanding the definition of nude, Louboutin is taking his empire into the future. By setting the standard of inclusiveness, other brands will follow. Shops like Forever21 that look to high end retailers as a model to produce similar, but less expensive, products will mimic the Louboutin model. This creates a trickle down effect where a company has to provide multiple shades of nude to keep up with the competition.

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For myself and other people of color, this is incredible. It marks a new trend of inclusiveness within fashion. Industry leaders like Christian Louboutin are using their power to create a real difference. Small changes like this lead to a huge difference, not only in world of fashion, but in all aspects of society.

In an interview Christian Louboutin acknowledged the limitations of only using five tones. “In the next year,” he told New York Magazine’s “The Cut”, “we will be at seven total skin tones.” The spectrum of skin tones is endless and it’s impossible to narrow them down accurately to just five or seven different shades. Like Louboutin says, “Nude is a concept.” However, this is just the beginning of a new trend. While I can’t go to Fifth Ave. to pick myself up a pair of Louboutins now, by the time I’ll be able to afford them, I cannot wait to see all the options of nude waiting for me (hopefully dozens!).


If you’re like me and love the idea of multiple shades of nude, you should also checkout the lingerie brand Nubian Skin.

Are you guys as excited as I am for these shoes? Do you know other brands that do the same thing? Share them with me in the comments!

Love you guys lots,

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